Master The Double Undercut by Big Blind Media

If you don’t know the double undercut, you are probably new to card magic.  That’s ok, we all have to start sometime.  This review is great news for novices that want to add a basic and essential control to their arsenal.

The double undercut is a way to have a selected card placed back in the deck and end up either on the top or the bottom of the deck, or at a selected position.  It is easy to execute and looks very natural.

The project, shot by Big Blind Media, comes in 10 segments, each addressing a certain point or aspect of the double undercut.  The entire project is about 25 minutes and the quality of the video is excellent as per usual by Big Blind Media.

Liam Montier teaches every segment and does an excellent job in conveying all the details needed to do the double undercut.  The first two segments are entitled Controls I and Controls II.  In the Control chapters you learn how to control a card to the top of the deck or bottom of the deck or to a certain position such as the second or third card from the top or the bottom.  Montier also teaches how to maintain the deck order while doing the double undercut.  The next two chapters are the Displacement.  In these chapters you learn how to move a card from one position to another (i.e. from top to bottom and vice versa) without changing the order of the cards in the deck.

You also learn how to do the double undercut with more than two cuts which can be more visually fooling and you learn how to use the double undercut as a false cut which can be useful because it looks so innocent and it maintains the decks order.


Montier also teaches the Braue Reversal in a simple and straight forward manner which you will never forget.  Although the instruction is great, one of my criticisms is that during the entire project no tricks are taught.  Although these moves are used in countless tricks, you do not leave the session with a ready to go routine.  Because this is a beginner’s video project, I think this is something that is conspicuously missing.  However, the moves are so easy when you first learn it your brain will be popping with new ideas.  I would have preferred to see this priced at $15 instead of $20, but that is just one man’s opinion.

If you don’t know the double undercut this project is definitely for you – it is Montier’s Masterclass on a card handler’s fundamental card control.