Cups & Balls Vol. 1 by Murphy’s Magic and Daryl – Essentials In Magic Master Course

Cups & Balls, Vol. 1 is another perfect installment in the Essentials In Magic series by Murphy’s Magic. The hour and forty five minute DVD is taught by the legendary Daryl and it receives a perfect score from this reviewer.  10 out of 10!

Cups & Balls Vol. 1 is an essential one-stop-shop for any magician that wants to start with the basics and end up being able to put together a routine using the numerous moves and sleights taught. Daryl starts off the lecture at the very beginning and I mean very, very beginning.  He starts off with a display of the different types of cups available and the different types and sizes of balls.  While this part of the lecture will no doubt seem unnecessary to anyone with basic understanding of the age old routine, this is an introduction for the novice.  As the DVD progresses, Daryl teaches basic moves and components of larger routines.  He slowly and methodically moves through more complex sleights and he does it as good as anyone can.  At the end, Daryl teaches a few short routines and even an impromptu routine using a crumpled up piece of paper and regular opaque glass.

Daryl has always been a wonderful and great teacher and this DVD is no exception. The production value is excellent and the chapters are logically broken down into sensible parts in an order that makes learning easy.  The camera work uses different alternate angles so you can see what is happening from both the spectator’s point of view and that of the performer.  There are even aerial shots of the table which make the process crystal clear.


At the time of the writing of this review, this DVD sells for $14.95, which is a great deal. Daryl teaches so much and does so perfectly.   This DVD should be in every magician’s video library.  Take a sneak peak at the promotional video on the Murphy’s Magic website and you will get a glimpse at what you will receive when you buy this project.  If you don’t own this one you are really missing out on something fantastic!

This perfect product is available at any Murphy’s Magic dealer!





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