Capped by Sam Sieracki

Capped is a quick sleight of hand trick in which you tap a Sharpie against a coin on your open palm and the cap of the Sharpie appears to contain the quarter.   That’s it.  With your $35 dollar purchase you get a small box that contains the gimmick and password protected streaming instruction on Vimeo.

The gimmick looks like a quarter has been impossibly stuck in the cap of the Sharpie.  That’s a good thing.  But, the cap cannot be handed out for inspection.  You cannot looking inside the cap to see the edge of a coin – all you see if a black outline of a quarter.

The instructional video is about 6 and a half minutes long.  The quality of the video is poor and looks like it was shot on a phone.  There are various versions of the  trick that are taught, but to be honest, none of them really appeal to me.  You are taught a gimickless version in which a quarter disappears and after a Sharpie is tapped on it and then when the Sharpie cap is held and tapped it appears that the coin drop out from the cap.  There is nothing other than basic sleight of hand taught in this version and it does not use any gimmick.  You also learn a version that you can only do on social media in certain lighting and a version with a pull.  You are also taught a version that if performed smoothly, makes it look like a quarter is pulled from a picture in a phone onto the Sharpie cap.  Some of the handlings are going to require you to practice because it looks a bit clunky.

The gimmicked cap I received does not have a uniform finish to it and in some places it has a matte finish to it and on other places it looks like shiny glue is streaked down the cap.

The ad copy states:

“CAPPED is a versatile utility gimmick that takes a classic trick of magic up a notch. The good old coin to pen has always been missing a visual element to really sell the illusion, but now with CAPPED, the spectator actually sees the coin INSIDE the cap.

  • Works with ANY currency
  • Can be performed anywhere at any time
  • Starts and ends clean
  • 6 handlings taught

This trick is for anyone who wants a visual, reliable, pocket sized piece of magic that can travel with you anywhere you go, ready to amaze.”

My overall impression is that this trick is way overpriced and although the gimmick looks good from a distance and fits on a Sharpie, I think there are other tricks I would do long before I would think about this one.  I would think that this trick would cost $10 bucks.


I appreciate Murphy’s Magic asking me to review this product so I can deliver my honest review to my readers.