The Mene Tekel Deck Project by Big Blind Media and Liam Montier

Whoever said that 2020 totally sucked did not get the Mene Tekel Deck Project by Big Blind Media.  Yup, this is another great one from Big Blind Media and it really breathes some life into a gaffed deck that has been sitting in my drawer.  Thank you BBM for hitting another homerun!

For $25 bucks you get a perfectly crafted Bicycle Mene Tekel deck and a download with 14 short video segments.  The deck comes in a regular Bicycle box which is delivered in a see-through plastic box.  Liam Montier presents the entire project and as usual he is clear in his presentation and instruction.  Over the years of playing the lead in magic videos has helped Montier hone this craft.  The video is shot in the BBM library and Montier is standing behind a small table.  The camera work by Owen Packard is excellent as is the editing and organization of the project.  When a close-up shot is needed, a close-up shot is delivered.  BBM really knows how to do it and they keep killing it.

After watching the video, you will be ready to head out and perform several tricks with different patter, feeling and effect.  As with most (if not all) gaffed decks, the spectators cannot hold and freely inspect the deck.  With a bit of audience management and confident performance, your audience will not be reaching for the deck.  In any event, you will have a normal matching Bike deck in your back pocket to switch out.

In the first few tracks, Introduction and Basic Handling, Montier explains the deck and how to shuffle, dribble and display the deck.  The tricks taught are super easy to perform and you will be heading out with the deck immediately after watching the video.  What’s great about using this deck is that the reset is very quick and can be done in front of your audience and they will be none the wiser.

Various tricks are taught including an Ambitious Card routine, a Mindreading routine, and a fantastically fooling Card to Pocket routine.  Each trick is performed and taught in less than a few minutes and as said earlier, they are super easy to learn and perform.  Montier teaches a great Rising Card routine and a superb Card at Any Number trick in which the spectator can count the cards down themselves.  This one is a real gem and can be a closer after performing a few other tricks with this deck.

Montier also reaches several tricks by magicians who are appropriately credited with their work, including a fantastic trick called Coincidence in which the spectator picks a card from the MT deck which is placed in a drinking glass.  Then, a card from another deck is picked by the spectator.  Amazingly, the cards match (or so the spectator thinks).  It is a great trick, but requires a right sized glass and a few feet between you and the spectators.

There are also a few techniques taught involving the faro shuffle which permits you to openly fan the cards on a table before you begin performing.  You are also taught a multiple selection trick and a way to perform Karl Fulves’ Gemeni Twins trick in an astonishing and unbelievably fooling performance.

This project is great for any level magician from novice to pro and in all instances the results are magically deliciously fooling.

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