Carpenter Coins by Jack Carpenter and Vanishing Inc.

There are coin guys out there and there is everyone else. Maybe that is not fair to say, but with the Carpenter Coins, we are all coin guys. With your $75 purchase you get a great gimmicked coin set, a Mexican Centavo and a great looking Chinese coin.

If you want to see a routine, go to the promotional video and you will find a three and a half minute routine in which coins easily transpose, transport, disappear and reappear. It is really super.



So, as you may already know you get things that nest to make the magic happen, obviously. When the three coins are nested, it will pass a quick visual inspection, but from one side the thickness betrays what should be the innocent nature of one coin. If you have a sophisticated audience that will burn your hands they may detect something, That is dealt with by rotating the coin in your hand, quickly, but it is not “perfect” from all sides and all angles.

There are so many moments of magic contained in the short routine that is demonstrated and taught by Jack Carpenter. The accompanying downloadable instructional video is 23 minutes long and it is incredible well produced with the highest production quality. Co-founder of Vanishing Inc., Andi Gladwin makes an appearance in the instructional video as a spectator during the demonstration of the routine.

Because there are so many phases and steps in the routine I found it hard to memorize it without writing it down and then practicing off my written step-by-step. This is the only criticism I have of the instructions. A set of accompanying written instruction would have been great.

There are no hard moves to do here, but you will need to practice the steps to the routine so it is fluid and super fooling. Once the routine is over, it is super quick to get into start position. Great for walk around, or table hopping or to do with your friends.


Notwithstanding the issue with the three fully nested coins described above, I have no problem getting solidly behind this set of coins.



I appreciate Murphy’s Magic asking me to review this trick so I can give you my honest opinion. The Carpenter Coins can be found at any Murphy’s dealer online.

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