Four Pack by John Carey and Big Blind Media: The Vault Series by Murphy’s Magic

Four pack is another Big Blind Media and John Carey project and it is worthy of your attention. In this ten dollar download you get four tricks which you will use and perform. The tricks are not difficult and require basic sleights. Each trick is first performed by Carey and then explained by him. The production quality is excellent and as expected from BBM.

The first effect, Triple Prediction is superb. It is easy to do and requires a simple set-up. Basically, the performer shuffles the deck and asks the spectator to make a shallow cut. The perform marks the cut to card with a face up card. The spectator then makes a deeper cut which is again marked by the performer with another face up card. Finally the spectator makes an even deeper cut which is marked, once again, with another face up card. The cards are then spread and the marked cards are removed. When they are flipped over to reveal their values, they are a random selection of three cards. It is then that an envelope that has been on the table since the beginning of the trick is opened and three cards (with different backs) are removed and those three cards miraculously match the random cut to cards! The trick is presented to a BBM lady by Carey and then explained with the help of fellow magi Jack Tighe.

The second trick, Déjà Boo! is performed in studio by Carey to a BBM lady and then explained with the help of Liam Montier. Another great trick, this time with no set up necessary and the deck can be shuffled by your spectator before you start. In this trick the spectator touches three cards, all free choices when the deck is being spread by the performer in hands. The three cards are placed on the table and the spectator picks either card number 1, 2, or 3. Each card is lost in the pack and the spectator remembers only their selected card. Then the performer repeats the process and deals the three new cards down on the table and when the spectator sees the card in the position that they previously picked i.e. card number 2, it is the same card that they selected seconds before. Nice work using a Larry Jennings sleight.

The third trick is Ambitious O’Henry which was inspired by a Cameron Francis card trick. In this trick the performer shows a small packet of black cards and then puts the four aces into the middle of the packet, one at a time. Each time the Ace rises from the middle to the top and is placed on the table. At the end, the Aces end up in the performer’s hands and the black cards end up on the table where the Aces should be. Some basic sleights are needed for this trick, but it is not hard to perform. This is not my favorite trick in project.

The final trick is Time Traveler. This is a quick one accomplished with some sleight of hand. Here, the Ace of Spades is claimed to be the time traveler and in a very fooling routine the Ace of Spades appears where it should not be, unless you travelled back in time.

This project is 35 minutes and Carey’s teaching is excellent. The tricks are not hard to do, require some minor card manipulation and are great presentations. For 10 bucks, its’ hard not to snap this up and enjoy some great tricks.

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for sending this download to me and asking for my honest review.

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