Modern Mind Reading Magic by Zee J. Yan and SansMinds Magic

The Modern Mind Reading Magic (MMRM) dvd by Zee and SansMinds presents 10 mentalism effects that use your cell phone, a pad a papers, a pack of gum, business cards and your own wallet. Zee presents 10 effects for $30 and SansMinds labeled a “Worker Series” project in an hour and twenty five minute dvd.

Unfortunately, I do not think this dvd is a compilation of workers and for the most part there is nothing new in here. When I review magic or mentalism products, I take many factors into account and come up with a rating. Many times the rating is personal to me. Would I perform these tricks? Do I think there is anything new here? Can I recommend that you spend your hard earned cash on this project? The answer to there questions is all “no”.

Other than a few moments when Zee is clearly being told what to say on camera, the production value is very good, except for a few shots where Zee if trying to show you something on white paper against a white backdrop which makes it impossible to see what is being shown.

To be honest, I think that this project is mislabeled and should have been called the “Hobbyist Series”. I do think that some of these tricks are great for sitting around with friends, but not working tables or close-up. To give an overview, the first trick, Apple Watch, with an iPhone I would have rated a 3 out of 10 and would never use it. I don’t think the effect is worthwhile or stunning in any way. I also do not care for the iBillet trick which seems a bit too fumbly and I don’t care for the presentation. The next two tricks, Bunny Star and Hello Bunny too are very basic peeks and there are so many better alternatives that I cannot get behind these either.

Breath Mint is too risky for anyone to perform and even Zee indicated that he has issues with this trick. I am staying far away from this one as it will not hit at least 50% of the time. College Tuition is a nice card trick, but nothing outrageously amazing. The Gum Peek is an old mentalism peek applied to a pack of gum in which a thought of word is written on a piece of gum and then inserted back into the pack. Pass on that one for me.

The $1000 Peek Wallet is nothing new and quite honestly, I don’t really know how some of these tricks get passed off as a new compilation. I am more frustrated by this than anything.

The best effect on the dvd is the Perfect Mental Epic in which the performer write a few prediction down on pieces of paper in a spiral notebook. Our of everything presented, this is the one trick that I would consider performing, if I would be willing to carry around a small spiral notebook. But, I am not going to perform this trick because there are so many other ways of accomplishing the same trick. And, a portion of this trick relies upon an app that you need to download.

Finally, and not in any order, 1818 is a really risky trick that is almost guaranteed to fail. I don’t care what Zee says, but this is a big loser and he offers no out! I like the idea, but I am staying far away from this baby.

Below is only a select portion of the ad-copy so you can see SansMinds own description of the various routines.
What you will learn:

Gum Peek (Exclusive content for DVD Format only) – Use a gum pack as a device. Technically a 50-cent peek device!

$1000 Peek Wallet (Exclusive content for DVD Format only) – Thanks to all those peek wallet makers for making awful-looking, unstylish wallets which pushed me to come up with this

Apple Watch -An incredible multi-phase mind-reading routine. (No, you do not need an Apple watch to perform it)

Breath Mint -100% Magician fooler

iBillet – Using any phone as a peek device!

College Tuition – Casually demonstrate the nearly impossible possibility

Bunny Star – Psychometry with a kicker ending.

Hello Bunny – A few pieces of paper and a pen is all that’s needed to trigger a heart-warming emotion.

1818 – Inspired by Seances with slates performed by psychics back in the 20th century

Perfect Mental Epic – Hen Fetsch’s Mental Epic on another level

The presentation and explanations are slow and there are no performances to real audiences.

So, I think you catch my drift about this one. I can’t recommend this for workers, but this is something that friends can use to impress their buddies at home on a Saturday night.

I appreciate Murphy’s Magic asking that I review this product and give it my honest review.

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