Turn by Peter Pellikaan and Vanishing Inc.

What your spectator sees is absolutely incredible and utterly impossible. Four blank cards are counted. One is turned over and it has a blue back and once counted all the cards have the same matching blue back. Then, another card is turned over and it has a face, it’s a Queen. Then the cards are counted and they all have turned into the matching Queen. Then, again, one card is turned over and the back has now turned red. The cards are counted and all the back are now red. And, again, a card is turned over and the face has changed into a Joker. And, you guessed right, when counted all the cards are Jokers. The entire packet is turned over and you see four different colored backs; red, blue, green and yellow.

This trick is simple and direct and maybe one of the best packet tricks, period. It is just too impossible. It requires a certain kind of count and then you are off and running. The cards obviously cannot be handed out and the reset takes about 10 seconds of privacy, but is not intuitive and must be memorized. As a shortcut, I took a picture of the setup. The cards may need some simple maintenance and if you lose them, the 11 minute downloadable instructional video teaches you how to make a new packet from scratch.

The ad copy states:

“TURN is just one of those tricks you have to see. So, stop what you’re doing and watch the quick trailer–it’s less than a minute long.

In short, this trick with four cards is an ADVENTURE. Cards change from blue to red to green to multicolored, and the faces change from blank to Queens to Jokers. But it’s the smooth-as-silk handling that sets this packet trick apart. Dare we say, it might be the most efficient, amazing packet trick we’ve ever seen. It is certainly our VERY favorite Peter Pellikaan creation to date. Usually in tricks of this kind, there are necessary adjustments. You have to change the count you do, or move a card from top to bottom, or do a secret reversal, or take a card out, or add one in. GONE! In TURN, the handling looks identical in each phase, and one phase flows seamlessly into the next.

You receive a set of specially gimmicked cards and an easy-to-follow video tutorial.”

You cannot get a more astounding color-changing packet trick (well, alright there are a few amazing ones out there)! This is totally incredible and if you can do a Hamman count, you can do this trick. And, if you can’t you can learn. It is easy, and totally mind-blowing and a must have. This is a top-shelf effect. I highly, highly recommend you check this out…now! It’s only $20 and you will get so much out of this one, I promise!

This can be found at any Murphy’s Magic outlet online. Thanks to Murphy’s for asking me to review this trick so you can see my honest review. They don’t all get glowing reviews, but this one rocks!

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