Arrow by SansMinds Magic

Arrow is an entertaining and amusing gimmick that allows you to, in a very fun and lighthearted way, reveal a selected card with moving ink in the form of an arrow drawn on the back of a playing card.

What you get for $35 is a twenty minute instructional DVD and a pre-made moving ink gimmick that allows you to perform this very visual trick. In sum, you have the spectator select a card and lose it in the deck. The, several cards are placed on a table face down and you hold a card with an arrow drawn on the back above the cards. The arrow is facing away from the cards, but then all of a sudden the arrow’s point moves and faces downward at one card. That card is flipped over and yep, you guessed it, it is the selected card. You can play around with the gimmick and rotate it and the arrow instantly moves and flips around. With a bit of sleight of hand you can hand out the arrow card.

This trick is very sensitive to angles and lighting. A dimly lit room is the best environment otherwise the gimmick may be revealed. Also, based upon the angle in which a spectator is standing, they may see something you don’t want them to see on the gimmick.

The video shows you how to make your own gimmick, if you need to, but with careful handling this gimmick should last a good long time. However, if the gimmick is not handled well, it will break quickly.

The instructional video is quick and to the point and well done.

There is no reset because the gimmick is set to go in an instant.

The ad copy states:

“Usually, magic effects are most powerful with a presentation, but there are some good exceptions. Arrow is one of those exceptions.

The ink comes alive, and the arrow moves in an impossible manner. Not only is the visual strange and entertaining to watch, but it’s also highly adaptable to your ‘finding card’ routine, making it a working magician’s best friend.

We’re usually all about street magic, but this one kills in any scenario you can think of, including parlor and formal venues.

This is not your ordinary ink effect. This, is Arrow.”

The moving ink effect in Arrow is surprising and looks a camera trick. It is not special effects, it is magic and is guaranteed to create a smile and a laugh. What a fun and imaginative way to find a chosen card!

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for supplying this trick to me and asking me to give it my honest review. Of course, Arrow is available at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.

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