Sinis (Turquoise or Rasberry) Playing Cards

With your $12 purchase you get a deck with 56 cards. The cards manufactured by the USPCC cannot get confused by your standard Bikes because of the unusual colors and the unique artwork. In addition to the 52 playing cards you also get a double backer, two Jokers and a blank faced card.

The Sinis decks come in either raspberry (red) or turquoise (greenish blue). The numbered spades and clubs in both decks look like standard cards with pips and fonts. The diamonds and hearts however are either raspberry or turquoise depending on which deck you purchase. The artwork in each deck is the same, just the colors are different and as stated above, they correspond to the deck you purchased.

The aces look nothing like standard aces. The graphic is so unique that they do not resemble the suit pips in any way. Check out the attached photos. The picture cards are also unique in that they resemble artwork from the usual graphics, but present extremely cropped detail of the heads of the Jacks, Queens and Kings. Also, not all of their weapons are the same and the suicide King is not holding the sword to his head. The picture cards are very cool looking and passersby have remarked about the “cool” look of the cards, which is not a common occurrence.

The Jokers are black and white and spell the word “JOKER” with a dragged graphic, but no pictures.

The custom seal is amazing and is an image of one of the Queens. Again, see attached pictures.

The ad copy states:

“BREAK FREE from mainstream custom playing card designs with SINIS Playing Cards.

With modern base-line art reflected throughout the deck, EVERY detail of SINIS Playing Cards was considered to create an original and authentic artistic expression.

The custom Court cards mirror the square block theme on the tuck. The Aces reflect the explicit typograph approach.

Together, the striking balance between thin and thick objects is an intriguing surprise for the collector, cardist and magician when viewing or fanning the deck.

Even the name itself, SINIS, is a Palindrome integrated into the card artwork.

Highlighted on the backs, the name SINIS is completely symmetrical (rotational and front-to-back), breaking the traditional two-way design –while maintaining the feel of symmetry.

Available in Turquoise or Raspberry and Black on Bee stock, both are a tasty treat.


  • Custom seal
  • Custom designed Court cards, Jokers and Aces
  • 2 gaff cards included
  • Bee stock
  • Printed by US Playing Card Company
  • Designed by Marc Ventosa
  • Created by Cardinates”

The tuck box is also very cool looking. They contain an image of the card back on one side, which spells the word “SINIS” and on the other side there is an image of one of the Queens.

Because of the very unusual graphics and design, these cards are very eye catching. If you want to fly under the radar with your cards, then these are not for you. However, if you want to have noticeable and different cards, I highly recommend you check these out. Super cool. I am looking for the next release from Marc Ventosa.

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for opening my eyes to these cards, which can be bought at any Murphy’s dealer.




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