Paper Storm by Rich Li and SansMinds

This DVD starts with an excellently produced trailer that is totally cool. Hip music, Hollywood movie quality and it seems like a spy movie. Narrated perfectly, it is the best production quality around. Noteworthy is that SansMinds tells you up front that the magic taught in the DVD is challenging to learn and not for faint of heart. I am glad that they are telling you up front that you are going to need to put in quite a bit of work into getting these sleights and tricks down pat. Their ad copy on this issues accurately states: “Being honest, all of these can be challenging to learn, and they’re not for the faint of heart. But if you love visual sleight-of-hand card magic, mastering these will be so rewarding to add to your repertoire and show off at a moment’s notice.”

The first trick is called Gourmet Production. It is a trick in which you show one card and the other three mates pop up in a laddered formation right behind the one card. It is visual and cool, but it is very hard to set up and get ready and the angles are impossibly terrible. I would be surprised if anyone would actually try and do this in the real world. Fun however to practice doing. The demonstration and instruction of this trick is 13 minutes. The ad copy described the trick as follows: “Gourmet Production allows you to instantly produce 4 cards, one by one. Perfect as a standalone production, or opener to a card routine. Rich also includes a version that allows you to visually vanish the quartet with just a wave of the hand.”

The second trick is the Skrt Change is demonstrated and taught in about 8 minutes. Basically, 2 cards change into another 2 cards in an incredibly magical and visual way. You need to practice quite a bit to get this down and use cover and have super dexterous fingers to make this happen. Very cool if you can do it and worth the effort – I think – I have not put in the work yet. The ad copy describes this trick as follows: “SKRT Change is Rich’s display version of the classic Dr. Daly’s Last Trick. Two cards visually change, and all your spectator has to do is sit tight and enjoy the impossible visual.”

The third trick, Elixir Change is described by Sans Minds’ ad copy as follows: “Finally, Elixir Change is a printing card effect like no other. You visually print your spectator’s thought-of card onto a blank card, one side at a time.” In addition to the DVD, with your $35 purchase you get a few gaffed cards so you can perform this trick with Bicycle cards. The spectator chooses a card and then the performer amazingly shows a double blank card turn into the selected card. You need some precise prestidigitation and a series of moves and practice to make this miracle come to life. The demonstration and instruction segment is about 10 minutes long. I love this one!

The last trick, Dash, is very visual, but it again requires some precise skill. Be careful of the angles though. The ad copy describes Dash as follows: “Dash is a visual mystery that happens in the blink of an eye, as you throw a card right through, and into, the middle of the deck.” Basically any card I chosen and it appears that it is thrown on top of the deck, but lands in the middle of the deck in between the deck and just outjogged a small amount. It is an impossibility without the art of magic.

Rich Li inspired me to up my skills and to practice more. When I grow up, I want to be as good as him.

Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for asking me to review this DVD which is available at any Murphy’s Magic retailer.

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