On The Money by Gavin James and RSVP Magic

This is a super-great trick that melts minds!  I love it!  In case you couldn’t tell from the 10 out of 10 rating, I dig this one.

So here is what the spectator sees.  A card is chosen by calling “stop” when dribbling the cards face down so that all the backs are seen to be unmarked.  The card at the freely chosen location is displayed only to the spectator and lost in the deck.  Then, the spectator freely chooses one of five different coins; a half dollar, a quarter, a dime, a nickel or a penny.  Then, the spectator flips the coin and it is either heads or tails.  They can re-flip the coin if they want.  So, in this case, let’s say they chose the 6 of clubs and tossed the dime and it landed on heads.  Then, the performer finds the card which is sort of expected – but then the 6 of clubs is turned over and on the back it says, in Sharpie marker, “You chose the dime and it landed on heads.”  Totally awesome.

With your $39 purchase you get a special red-backed Bicycle deck that can be used for this trick only and a password protected link to downloadable video instructions.  There is a one-time set-up that takes about 20 minutes and you need to be very careful not to mess it up since you are writing in Sharpie.  After the trick, the deck cannot be inspected and it cannot be shuffled.  Actually, the deck can never be handled by your spectators.

The trick is easy to perform, but you need to handle it in a way that you do not expose the secret.  Reset after performing the trick takes a second.  You can pick any coin and any side of the coin and the writing on the back of the chosen card will always match.  However, the claim in the promotional video that there is a different result every time is not 100% correct.  Although it is partially true, you cannot perform this trick twice to the same audience.  That is why I have two On The Money decks!

This trick immediately reminded me of a Chris Congreave trick, also released by RSVP Magic, and it was clearly inspired by that trick.  The method is the same, but the presentation added the coins.  It is just as powerful!

The instructional video that off with a live performance, which is very well produced.  The majority of the video is an explanation on how to set up the deck, which is very easy to follow.  You are also provided a card to create a crib, but I do not think it is necessary.  There is really nothing to memorize because it is so intuitive that I didn’t even create the crib card.

The ad copy states:


“On the Money by Gavin James – One of the cleanest mind-reading card routines currently on the market.

Imagine asking the spectator to choose a card in the fairest of ways…

They are now asked to take a handful of change from their pocket, any amount, and are asked to choose just one coin (no force)…

The coin is now flipped by the spectator and they are asked to name if it’s landed on either heads or tails…

The magician explains that first, he’ll find the selected card…

Placing one down onto their hand, it’s the chosen card… Pretty impressive!


The magician reminds the spectator that they could have chosen any card…

That they chose one and then took a handful of change from their pocket…

They chose ANY coin and then flipped it into the air, landing on heads or tails…

The magician asks the spectator to turn the card over and look at what the magician has written on the back of the one card (it’s the only card with writing on the back)…

The spectator reads out the message which predicts not only which coin will be chosen, but also how it will land when it’s spun into the air!





I do take issue with the claim “look at what the magician has written on the back of the one card (it’s the only card with writing on the back)…”  This is not 100% true, but the spectator believes that there is only writing on the back of one card.

I am surprised I have not heard more buzz about this trick.  On The Money is great for table-hopping, close-up, strolling or just playing with your friends – and it really just kicks ass.  This is a money back guarantee product.  Perfect score from this reviewer!



Thanks to Murphy’s Magic for providing this product to me to review.  Check out any Murphy’s Magic dealer to order this killer!






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