Murphy’s Magic The Vault: Four X Four by Harry Lorayne

At the end of this review I am going to suggest that you quickly purchase this installment of Murphy’s Magic’s The Vault. You can either go, right now, to Murphy’s Magic and add this to your shopping cart or you can read this review and then do it!

This project was developed in honor of Harry Lorayne by my friend Rudy Tinoco.  Rudy founded and runs The Magician’s Forum online community and anyone that knows Rudy knows that he loves Harry Lorayne — actually, we all do.   Just for fun, Rudy asked the members of The Magician’s Forum to submit a performance video of any great Lorayne card trick.  From this ideam Rudy then started putting together the HaLo Project; videos performing Lorayne card tricks.  This project gave birth to the 19 minute downloadable Four X Four, which is just a snippet of The HaLo Project Volume 2.


The trick is simple, very strong and impossibly fooling, even if you know the method. If you watch the promotional video you will see Rudy performing the trick to his wife and a few friends at a large picnic table.  Basically, the magician shuffles a deck and then deals a small pile of card to each spectator.  You can do this for any multiple of spectators (although I would not do more than 5).  Each spectator shuffles their pile as much as they want and then mentally chooses any card in their pile.  To be clear, they just look at the faces of all the cards and choose one in their head that they like.  The card is not removed or revealed.  The spectators then shuffle their individual piles again – to their hearts content.  The piles are stacked in any order and the performer shuffles and cuts the group of cards.  He then deals out the cards into a bunch of small piles again so that they are totally mixed up.  Then, for the first time, the cards are all turned over so that everyone can see the faces of the cards in the piles.  The performer asks the spectators, one at a time, what pile their card is in and he is able to divine which card they picked from the others in the same pile.  Aside from the fact that the method here is totally baffling, this trick can really slay.

Rudy’s performance is an excellent example of how and when to do this trick. You need a few interested spectators and a few minutes to run through the steps.  I particularly like the warm and genial way in which Rudy interacts with his audience finding spots for good humor and building suspense before each revelation.  He adds his own touch to the final reveal, which will be recognizable to any magician, but will be a great kicker for any lay audience. In an “Afterthoughts” section, Rudy indicates that this is one of the best card tricks he performs and if performed right it can be total killer.

This trick is very easy to learn and just as easy to perform. Although you will have to be able to retain a small number of cards in your head, there are very easy ways to do that with a quick pre-set order of just a few cards.

Johnny New York, a member of the Magician’s Forum, explains the trick seated behind a table with a close-up mat and he does an excellent job. His instruction is clear, well-organized and very easy to follow.  You will be performing this trick immediately after watching the explanation.  He also teaches a Charlier shuffle, which works well with this trick.

After the performance and the explanation Rudy gives a bit of information about the method behind this trick including some related works for those who will fall in love with this confounding method. For those of you who want to go to the source, check out Harry Lorayne’s Classic Collection Volume 2 (originally from Lorayne’s book Reputation Makers) where he explains that he does not know who to credit for the method, but he puts a new dress on it and delivers this really outstanding trick.

Finally, as a bonus, you get a snippet of a videotaped interview with Harry, by Rudy, in which Harry explains just one of countless amazing stories from his life.

So, here it is again: you should quickly purchase this well thought-out downloadable video for only $10 and start amazing not only yourself, but you friends and spectators! Your shopping cart awaits!

I am thankful that Murphy’s Magic asked me to review this great download.  I love anything Harry Lorayne and you love this!



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  1. I’m very grateful to you for reviewing this project. I value your opinion and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about it.

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