Audio (Coins to Pocket) by Eric Jones

For so long I have been looking to find a copy of Audio by Eric Jones. Although Jones named the trick Audio, it is listed on various websites as Audio Coins to Pocket.  I have not been able to find the DVD, but look no further if you are willing to buy a download for just $20 bucks.   After waiting so long, I am completely satisfied with Jones’ routine, presentation and teaching.  This is direct and fooling.  Just great!

For those that are not familiar with the routine, the performer takes four normal coins and makes them disappear one at a time and reappear with a “clink” in the performer’s pocket. It is really beautiful, fluid and smooth.

The 27 minute project starts off with Jones performing the routine to three spectators. The routine has four phases and for the performance track you see portions of different performances to different spectators.  You do not get a straight run through with the same group.  It does not really matter and I would not be surprised if some people didn’t even notice that the clip is edited because Jones’s routine is so captivating.  Because Jones is a lefty, you will need to reverse your hands, but that is no biggie.

Jones teaches each phase and the required sleights very well. There are many moves, but none are beyond reach of even a beginner hobbyist if they are willing to put in the practice.  Jones is a very good teacher.  He explains what the spectators are thinking and why the performer does certain moves when they do.  Jones appropriately credits Henry Hay, Ken Krenzel, Johnny Benzais, Mike Gallo, Jim Pace, Shoot Ogawa, Curtis Cam, David Williamson and others with moves, inspiration and parallel thinking.

The routine is a close-up piece that is completely impromptu as long as you have 4 coins. You need to be aware of where your spectators are standing and should perform in a relatively quiet place if you want the spectators to hear the “clink” as the coin reappears in the pocket.  It is really such a great routine.

The production value is not up to today’s standards, but for its day, it was very good with different angles and close-ups. The setting where Jones teaches the routine seems to be a dark finished attack or man-cave furnished with magic posters and paraphernalia.

I am really thrilled that after all these years Audio has dropped into my pocket.

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