Invisible Triumph by Jim Krenz and Vanishing Inc

The Invisible Triumph by Jim Krenz is a superb Triumph routine with a gimmicked deck that can be handed out for inspection and used as a regular deck. For $30 you get a killer routine and it is worth it.  If you are a fan of Triumph routines, you will be waving the Krenz fan club flag after purchasing this trick.

With your purchase you get the deck and a password protected link to a streaming 16 minute instructional video. If there is a way to download the video, I have not figured it out.  The instructional video is excellent and it starts out with Krenz performing the trick in studio to a single spectator.  I am appreciative that Krenz performs and teaches the routine without overkill that too often accompanies magic products.  After the quick performance, he explains two versions of the routine; one with a force and one without.  They are both phenomenal.  The instruction is excellent and the routine is easy to learn.

The method is somewhat tipped in the marketing of the product, for some. I had a basic idea of what it was, but not how it worked.  Although I knew the method, I do not think I could have replicated the trick without the instruction and I was fooled.  Krenz credits John Bannon with the inspiration behind this trick, which is a great place to start.

The major drawback to this trick is that you need plenty of table space and an appropriate surface to perform on. You cannot perform on a glass or wood or super smooth table.  You need a surface that is similar to a close-up pad so you can spread the cards and they fan.  One issue that I had with my specific deck was that one card of the deck did not “work” well and I needed to fix it with something that I already owned.  Fixing it took a few seconds.  For anyone that buys this, it will need some “fixin” after some use, which is not a big deal.

I have great admiration for Krenz who presented a fantastic routine with a gimmicked deck that looks like a normal deck and in the hands of a layman will work like a normal deck.

This great trick by Vanishing Inc. and Jim Krenz can be purchased at any Murphy’s Magic dealer.

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