Dice Bomb: The Apprentice Line

Murphy’s Magic has created a beautiful new line of born-again tricks called Apprentice.  These are tricks that many of us remember from our childhood.  Some were stand alone tricks, some remind me of old Tenyo tricks and some remind me of tricks that I would receive in magic kits for the holidays. There is a… Continue Reading Dice Bomb: The Apprentice Line


I do not really know how to explain to you all how amazing this trick is.  I can write it up and it will just not do it justice.  All I can say is that it can fool magicians and it will not doubt blow the minds of any normal person (aka lay person).  Stephen… Continue Reading Alpha2Omega

Blizzard By Dean Dill

Blizzard is not a new effect, but it is an awesome one. So here is the deal.  You hand out a deck to be mixed.  You ask your spectator to name any card whatsoever and then remove that card and the other 3 cards of the same value and place them face down on the… Continue Reading Blizzard By Dean Dill

A Cut Above by Andy Smith

A Cut Above is an excellent version of the spectator cutting to the Aces with an awesome beautiful move excellently taught by Andy Smith. The performer takes a deck of cards out of the card box.  The spectator cuts the deck and shuffles one half as the performer shuffles the other half.  The two halves… Continue Reading A Cut Above by Andy Smith

Ea$y Money by Spencer Kennard

Junk.  Crapola.  Waste of money.  I guess you can stop there and not only save yourself the money you may save related to your purchasing decision, but also the time in thinking about this terrible product.  I gotta say that this looked great in the promotional video.   I thought it was a super-sponge wallet, but… Continue Reading Ea$y Money by Spencer Kennard