The Twixter by Trigger Magic

When I saw Twixter, I was looking forward to an off-beat, somewhat zany, gimmick with some funny routines. Boy, was I disappointed.  Basically, Twixter is a fake Twix candy bar that has the reveal card etched into the bottom of the fake candy bar. You get 2 Twix bars with different cards and a link… Continue Reading The Twixter by Trigger Magic

AMAZINK by Sebastien Calbry

Amazink is a Sebastien Calbry trick that is similar in effect to his predecessor trick Offset. With your $34.95 purchase of Amazink you get a clear badge holder with a neck lanyard, a special card and two gimmicks.  You also get a link to a downloadable or streaming instructional video that is taught by Calbry… Continue Reading AMAZINK by Sebastien Calbry

Leap by Agus Tiju

Leap by Agus Tiju is one of those tricks that are really special.  It is so amazing that you will want to perform it every day and all the time, but maybe you should save it for the right moment.  It is absolutely magical and mind blowing. With Leap, you put a card box down… Continue Reading Leap by Agus Tiju